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Trained Armed & Unarmed Security

Trained Armed & Unarmed Security

Choose from armed and unarmed security teams to suit the needs of your business, event, party, or escort job. AWS LLC of Mount Vernon, New York, has the skill and training to ensure the security of any job. Businesses and individuals throughout the area trust us for:

  • Hospital Security
  • Events & Venue Security
  • Club Security
  • Birthday Party Security
  • Corporate Security
  • Private Party Security
  • Escort Security
  • Event Staff
  • Building Security

Security System

Leave Safety To Us

With us on the job, you'll never have to worry about the safety and security of your event, party, or premises again. You'll know that you are protected by highly-trained professionals that deliver solutions tailored to your needs and backed by real-world experience. Unarmed and armed security professionals alike know how to handle any situation, putting an end to any conflict or security concern with a minimal use of force, ensuring everyone is safe.

We use all the resources at our disposal to keep everyone safe. This includes closed circuit television, front desk security, and perimeter and vertical security solutions. Our approach places security devices and personnel through your facilities and allows communication between all points.

Security Installation

We offer packages for homes and businesses. Prices may vary; email for a quote.